Miley’s Black Tri Male


  • Whelped: 8-26-2020
  • Available: now priced at $800.00 as a pet or $1500.00 with Full breeding rights
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: current height on 10-20-2021 13.5 inches
  • Weight: current weight on 10-20-2021 14.3
  • Sire: CH Color Country's Roman Raines
  • Dam: CH Color Country's Smiley Miley

This litter has been one I wanted to do the day she was born. Miley is one of the coolest dogs I have ever been around. Obviously, she is one of those Smiling Aussies as her name. She has done it since she was a puppy. She is a giant package of personality in a small package. She loves to please and try’s her hardest to do anything you want her to do. But one that you just want to hug on all day she has the sweetest personality. I am not sure why she looks like a grouch in her pictures but trust me her personality is nothing short of amazing She was so much fun to show and she can strut her stuff in the show ring. I cannot wait for this Covid stuff to be over so we can get back to the dog shows.
The Sire to this litter is Roman (known as our Crack baby) He was such a hard puppy to train but had so much potential but he could just not calm down so much to do so many people to see and way to many things going on at the dog shows but he still tried and did really good. Taylor has trained him herself and after tons of time and tons of hauling him across the country several times sometimes not even showing him because he was so dang hyper, we finally got his energy under control. He is an amazing dog and has Rocked the show ring. He loves everything we do with him. He has run agility off leash since he was a about 5 months old sometimes, he ran it three or four times in on go round and made a couple victory laps just to get some attention HAHA!!! But after about a year old he found it easier to just do it once. This little guy has so much drive and now that it is a controlled drive, he is good at anything we want him to do. He has a huge personality and loves everyone.
So, with the cross of Smiley Miley and Roman Raines I think we will have great success in the showring and or just make great pets for anyone wanting a smart small aussie. I cannot wait to watch them grow as they are sure to be fun.
Color Country Aussies are known for their incredible quality. The last 20 years have been spent to ensure each dog is intelligent, beautiful, and incredibly healthy. We truly put our dogs first and value everything which is associated with Color Country’s trustworthy name. The passion we have for our pooches ensure that only the best is ever offered.
As you look at our toy Australian Shepherds you will be amazed by not only their small stature, but their incredible integrity to standard Australian shepherd traits. These dogs are within the 8”- 14” range and look like smaller versions of their standard counterparts. Do not let their size deceive you! Our toy Aussies have the same drive, intelligence, and abilities which all Australian shepherds are known to possess. These dogs are quick to prove that they can achieve anything that the bigger dogs can. We still use the toy variety as working dogs, just on smaller livestock like our goats and ducks!
My family has been showing our dogs for the last 11 years. We have enjoyed every minute of this incredible experience. We have shown many of our dogs, performed conformation, agility, herding, and rally/obedience. Our dogs produce impeccable champion lines and have quite an impressive pedigree. From these incredible bloodlines we have black and red tri’s, blue and red merles, as well as the ever coveted and sought-after blue-eyed tri’s! Due to the Australian shepherd’s famous intelligence, this breed has some of the most trainable dogs in existence. There is nothing that they cannot learn and are not willing to try. The only attribute which rivals their intelligence is their unfaltering loyalty. Aussies are magnificent in the show ring and even greater in the home. We are excited to assist you in finding a dog which complements and completes your family!

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We are currently using a Pet nanny for all delivery of the puppies. Her name is Gabby and her Contact is 1-435-477-2313 please get in contact with her regarding the shipping. Please also remember that your puppy will be 8 weeks old on the Availability Date. I do like to keep the puppies until we are able to give them the 9week vaccinations so you will need to make sure that your puppy is 9 weeks old before you have Gabby schedule your flight. Contact me if you have any questions about when your puppy is available. If you are wanting to come and pick up your puppy you can make final payment with cash when you pick them up. You can pick up from me with Advanced Notice nothing less than 7 days prior to picking up. My hours for pick up is from 8 am to 3pm Utah time. All my puppies come with a Full Health guarantee and will be kept current on vaccinations and will also be micro-chipped. I also have some helpful information about getting your puppy and what to expect that I will be sending you. I am starting something new, when you send me a review about your experience with us and a picture with your new puppy, we will send you a $50.00 refund. Thank you so much and welcome to the Color Country Aussie Fur Family.

Additional InformationAdditional Dog Description

Weight 57837876 lbs
Dimensions 5783575 in

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