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We are breeders of beautiful Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies.
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Take a look at our beautiful Mini Australian Shepherds. We have been breeding Mini Australian Shepherds for the last 12 years in order to become the epitome of perfection.

Our Toy Australian Shepherds are simply adorable! We pride ourselves on producing Toy Australian Shepherds which possess the temperament, intellect, and drive of their larger Standard counterparts.

These sweet Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds are waiting to join a happy family. They are around 8-12 weeks old. Some of them are available at a reduce price as well.

About Us

Australian Shepherds are known for their great intellect, loyalty, compassion, and spirit. Our Miniature and Toy Aussies possess the same attributes as their larger counterparts.

We have a passion for what this breed exemplifies and constantly strive to magnify and maintain it in each generation. For the last 15 years we have breeding, showing, and working Australian Shepherds, receiving wide spread recognition and acclaim for their abilities and beauty. Many of our dogs have been awarded with championship titles and other prestigious awards. They are amazing companions and service dogs, excelling in obedience, therapy, herding, and tracking.


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