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Color Country's Dancing Queen also known as ABBA

  • Whelped: 3-8-2016
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Height:12 1/2
  • Weight:12
  • Sire: Color Country’s Blending In AKA Camo
  • Dam: Color Country’s Painted Dancer

Color Country’s dancing queen, a.k.a. Abba, is a darling tiny blue merle female with a mighty big personality. She earned her name as a pup due to dancing around everywhere she went. Some things never change, because she still is our dancing dog, just looking to be the center of attention! She may not have the most eye-catching coat, but everyone wants to be around her fun personality. This makes her the perfect dam to many of our litters.

Abba is a whole 12 pounds at 12.5 inches. She may look mini, but she has the biggest heart! She is always soft and gentle with everyone, and extremely careful around her babies. She is always loving on everyone around her. Because of her devotion to her people and pups, she has incredible puppies who are very sociable. These fun pups are quite playful and smart, which makes them easy to train and easy to love. Many of them have grown to be great in the show ring, especially in confirmation, agility, and rally competitions. These puppies tend to run on the smaller side of the toy variety, usually 10 – 12 inches and 7-14 pounds (depending on the sire).  

                Sire: Color Country’s Blending In, a.k.a Camo, is a blue merle. He has been an essential foundation of our toy breeding program, producing several champions. Check out his page of the website. 

                Dam: Color Country’s Painted Dancer. She was brought into the program from Just a Litter’s Dazzler Dash-Ten and Painted Acre’s Painted Feather.



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