What Is Agility?

Agility is a timed sport in which dogs navigate through physical obstacles with their handlers. Dogs of all breed are allowed to participate, with structures adapted to the size of the dog. Common course obstacles include the following: A-frame, see-saw, weave poles, pipe tunnels, dog walk, table, tire jumps, and hurdles. The handler runs alongside of the dog, providing verbal and hand instructions to aid the dog in course navigation. This sport provides a great challenge in physical quickness, drive, and trust among human and dog. 

Aussies are known for their quick cutting, ability to learn quickly, and great focus. These qualities make Australian Shepherds perfect for Agility. In 2016, an Aussie named Holster won the Masters title at the world-renowned Westminster Dog Show. A USA Today reporter wrote, “Look at those eyes! Look at how he attacks the obstacles! Look at Holster and handler Wendy Cerelli celebrating! That’s elite.” This dog illustrated to the nation the mental and physical toughness which Aussie owners see every day.

At Color Country Aussies, we see champions within our dogs every-day. We love when our dogs excel and want to support you and your dog’s journey to personal greatness. 

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