Can I visit Color Country Aussies?


Here at Color Country Aussies we put a lot of time and money into raising high quality Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds. We are excited to work with serious buyers to find their perfect pup. If you wish to come to our location and choose a puppy, we have a few necessary requirements. These requirements help ensure our breeding program can continue to demonstrate excellence for years to come. To help promote understanding of how and why we sell dogs in a certain manner, I have detailed the following process:

  • Before coming to our location, the customer is encouraged to pick up to six of our available puppies to choose from once on site. This is to ensure that we put the most time and effort into these specific pups. We feel strongly that¬†our puppies are well prepared physically and emotionally for their new home. We also require that you do not go to any other kennels or pet stores before coming to our home as we want to keep our puppies safe. We also do not allow other pets on our property nor do we let anyone handle any puppies that are under 8 weeks of age.
  • We require a $250 deposit before your visit. This nonrefundable deposit will be applied to your future purchase. Unfortunately, this is necessary¬†to promote serious buyers. Due to being a family business in high demand, it requires a lot of resources to prepare the puppies for your visit. It is unfair to other customers and their future companions if they are unable to receive Color Country Aussies quality because we have wasted these resources.
  • If you cannot find the perfect pup in your first visit, you are welcome to repeat the choosing process and visit within 30 days. This requires another nonrefundable deposit of $250 which will go towards your future purchase.

At Color Country Aussies, we yearn to assist you in finding the perfect companion for years to come. To help the customer get as much information about each pup as possible, we have included many photos, videos, and descriptions for your convenience. Feel free to call us if you have questions about personality or individual traits. We have a personal relationship with our puppies and are happy to help you know them as well! Our family understands the importance of finding the perfect puppy for you and your home. Please let Color Country Aussies help you discover your new best friend!

Visit our Visitor Policy page to download a PDF of the policy and pay your Visitor Deposit.


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