CH Color Country's Cowboy

  • Whelped: 3-16-2011
  • Weight:14.5 inches 
  • Height: 19 pounds
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Sire: CH Rim Fire Mystry
  • Dam: CH Rim Fire Candy

Cowboy is quite the goofball and very entertaining! If I had to admit, I would say he is one of my favorites dogs here at Color Country Aussies. He is always on full throttle and never appears to tire. He is in bliss whenever he is causing mischief at the ranch. I know he does it just to witness a reaction out of me! He especially adores the water and finds any excuse to splash around. He loves an audience and uses his larger-than-life personality to demand the attention of all around him.


Cowboy is out of Ch Color Country‘s Rimfire Candy and International Ch Color Country‘s Rimfire Mystry. He is a black tri mini and stands at 14-inches. His bright copper coat is quite unique and the envy of many breeders. His stature is strong, perfectly aligned and proportioned. We are quite fortunate that he continually passes on his eye-catching appearance to his offspring. Because of this, his pups are some of my best sellers. He is currently my favorite stud dog due to his consistent production of perfection.


Cowboy is not just a pretty face, but quite talented in agility, herding, and conformation. With his high energy and love of the spotlight, he excels in all events. When he performs agility, he always adds his Cowboy flair. The crowds are always entertained by his extra jumps and spins, and due to being much faster than I, his doubling back to check on me and my slow pace. He is a crowd pleaser in all he does and relishes the attention. He is registered through American Stock Dog and has Championed in ASD show. Cowboy’s bloodlines are the most sought after puppies that we produce and one look at him will prove just that. He has done amazing things for our program!

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