Babe’s Blue Merle Female could maybe stay Toy


  • Whelped: 08-17-2020
  • Available: 8 weeks 10-12-2020 9 weeks 10-19-2020
  • Eye Color: Pending
  • Height: 12 to 15 inches
  • Weight: around 20 could stay smaller current weight 9-24-2020 3.10 lbs
  • Sire: Cross L's Topaz of Color Country
  • Dam: Color Country's One Hot Momma aka Babe

I love her marking’s. She is stunning. Someone should snatch her up before I decide to keep her. She is perfect and she is going to be a beautiful adult. She is going to be the Hottie on the block. This cross is a first time cross, but we could not be happier with these puppies. I cannot wait to watch these puppies grow up. The sire is a outside sire we got from Cross L and we absolutely love what he has been producing. He is a beautiful dog with amazing copper (my favorite color) He is a minimal merle with an awesome personality lots of drive with an off switch lots of control and he has a great recall. He is one that you can get out and work then he calms down easy. We love our Topaz
Mom is an awesome little girl out of my heart dog Cowboy!!!! Those of you that know Cowboy know is energy and personality is nothing less than perfect. He has been one of my favorite dogs to show that I have ever owned. He is 100 % all of the time. Tons of Drive extremely high energy one of my best working dogs he is gritty and lives to work. He does have an off switch it was not a natural off switch it came with tons of training and I mean a lot of training. This dog has and produces tons of copper (everyone talks about Cowboy Copper when they talk abut copper) Anyone that knows me I love copper in my dogs. I like a smart high drive dog with control. And Cowboy and his offspring are just that. One hot momma’s dam is Hottie and she is a very chill sweet dog with little to no drive but will do anything you ask of her. That makes this cross perfect.

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Weight 57837876 lbs
Dimensions 5783575 in

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