What Is Rally?

Rally is a relatively new sport in the canine world. Beginning in 2005, Rally is a timed event where handler and dog work together to make it through a course of various “assignments”. The course consists of a variety of signs indicating the skill to be performed. These may include, but not limited to, Sit-Down-Sit, Figure 8, Send Over Jump, Spiral Left, Side Step Right, and Down on Recall. Rally is a wonderful way to test a dog and handler’s versatility, adaptability, and mental quickness. Not only must the dog have a wide repertoire of skills, but the handler must also provide easy to understand instructions for confusing tasks. Rally is a great challenge to both the handler and dog. This sport requires great understanding and mutual trust. 

Australian Shepherds are an ideal dog to perform Rally and other obedience tasks. Their quickness and high intelligence makes training easy. In fact, Aussies become bored and potentially destructive if not sufficiently challenged. These dogs enjoy problem solving and would excel in Rally competition. This event is perfect for the adaptability and mental sharpness which Australian Shepherds possess.

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