Ch Color Country’s Black Gold — Toy Female

Color Country's Black Gold

Color Country’s Black Gold is a super fun Toy Australian Shepherd.  She is just under 14 inches and runs around 20lbs. She is a medium to low drive dog.  She is one of my favorite mommas here at Color Country Aussies. She is such a good mom and her puppies always have great personalities. She was born and bred here at Color Country Aussies from our Foundation bloodlines. We showed her as a younger dog, and she did well but she would rather home on the ranch than showing. She is out of Color Country’s Wild Child AKA Gordo and Ch Color Country’s Color Me Perfect.  A little history lesson on her parents and grandparents.

Gordo is out of Cowboy and Jazz. Gordo is a wild child and per his name and he excels in herding and high energy sports. Gordo is one of our main merle stud dogs around here and has produced many champions. He himself is a grand elite confirmation champion and has agility and rally titles. He has a very high herding drive and has also been earned titles in herding as well.  He is a super fun dog to be around just like sire Cowboy. Cowboy is my heart dog and is a very fun high energy dog as well. Both Gordo and Cowboy have earned Several Titles including Grand Elite Championship conformation titles. These dogs have great movement and are very correct. They also have strong herding lines and love to work. Agility is always a good time with these guys they are a little renegade and love to make up their own course but always like to just way higher than the bars. They have entertaining personalities and like to add some spins and flips in the run from time to time you could say that discipline is not their strong point. Now Jazz on the other hand is very obedient and will do anything that you ask of her. Back in her younger years she was great at all the events and we competed with her everywhere we went.

Color me perfect I bought from Sylvia Whitmore of Rimfire Kennels when she was 10 weeks old and I instantly feel in love her. It took us a moment to bond but once we did, she was a Velcro dog. She was raised with me as part of my very busy family lifestyle. She traveled to lots of rodeo’s and a few dog shows as she got older, she liked it better on the ranch. She did earn her Confirmation title and Black Gold was the only female that Color had, and we kept her. Color was not meant to be a momma and was one of my favorite ranch dogs. Color went to live with a past employee that she fell in love with and it was a perfect fir. Thank you, Rachel Ekker, for giving Color a wonderful home. We will forever be grateful to you and her.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have owned so many amazing dogs. And I cannot wait to share some of them with you. If you ever have any questions on any of my dogs, please feel free to call me at any time. Thank you for looking and I hope that you enjoy viewing our website. 


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