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Color Country's Klondike


Klondike is an awesome Black Tri Mini Aussie Female out of Whiskey Alibi, one of my best males! She is a newer female to my program but has already proven herself. Out of her first litter she produced a winner! York, her son out of Smoke, won Best in Show and Best in Show Bred by Exhibitor awards at his very first conformation show. Klondike passed down great movement and conformation to her son helping him become a champion. Not only is she a great mama, she is a great house dog. Klondike is super sweet, soft, poised and has been great with my family. She probably loves the house so much because she gets endless belly rubs! As soon as one of us approaches her, she is on her back wagging her tail waiting for a good belly scratch. I’m so happy to have a sweet Mini Aussie like her in my program to raise wonderful Mini Aussie pups. 

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