Texas Twister

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CH Color Country's Texas Twister


  • Whelped: 3-22-2014
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 18 inches
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Sire: Color Country’s Koda Bear
  • Dam: FXS Kelby’s Lil Ladybug


There is so much to say about our crazy girl Texas! First off, I’ve never had a dog with so much happy energy. Every morning we let her out and she runs for about an hour and says hi to everyone! Texas is a joy to have around here. She is a striking blue merle Miniature Australian Shepherd. She passes down her looks to her gorgeous pups, who thankfully have spunky personalities like her. Texas has been shown and championed with the ASDR. She has brilliant conformation and almost perfect movement. Something she gets from her sire, Koda Bear! He was a striking blue merle as well. With all of Texas’s energy, we had to learn where to put it. Agility and herding have been her safe havens. She loves agility and has picked up so quickly on it. Herding is a favorite for her too, she is one of my best herding dogs. If your in the searches for a great family pet or a brilliant performance dog, Texas puppies are always the way to go! 

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